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SXSW Interactive 2013

Agile Marketing for Interactive Agencies & Clients

Agile Marketing is about increased velocity and coordination; Bringing brand interactions, touch-points, experiences to market as quickly as possible, across all major marketing functions, while ensuring collaborative and dynamic interaction between the client and what is usually a constellation of agencies and partners. We will use the Agile Marketing Program Framework (AMPF), to help illustrate key opportunities for velocity and collaboration improvement across the web development and media functions. The AMPF identifies and organizes the primary activities in eight key marketing functions that are prevalent in most client-agency settings: brand, strategy, intelligence, CRM, interactive properties (large-scale, small/mobile/campaign), online/mobile/social media, SEM/PPC, and PR/earned media.

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  1. What is Agile Marketing, how does it relate to and differ from Agile for Software Development, and what are its objectives? Note: we will provide a very brief summary of this to provide context.
  2. What is the Agile Marketing Program Framework (AMPF), and how does it capture the activities and interactions in the range of interactive marketing functions? Note: this will also be done as an introductory portion so that the audience can understand where the key optimization points are in a multi-agency model.
  3. How do the coordination activities needed in Agile Marketing contribute to overall program velocity, and what do those coordination activities look like? How does increased coordination within an overall program help in creating a better conversation with the Customer?
  4. How does increased program velocity change the client agency relationship, in terms of types of interactions, the required participants and the frequency of those interactions?
  5. Where do the panelists feel the greatest opportunities are for improved program velocity in a way that impacts program and marketing success?



Jack Skeels, Partner, AgencyAgile

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