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SXSWedu 2017

Mind the STEM Gap: Powering Education With Apps

With rapid changes in technologies and an aging workforce the world is facing a critical skills gap in STEM industries. To help solve this challenge, Dr. Michael Webber from The University of Texas at Austin partnered with Itron and DISCO Learning Media to launch Resourcefulness - an immersive mobile application that teaches key concepts about STEM literacy to students. This session will focus on how public-private partnerships play a significant role in education and how using innovative tools can inspire 21st century learners. You will also learn how the app is being used in schools around the world and how to create your own successful public-private partnership model.

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  1. How collaboration between Industry and Education can help improve the STEM gap.
  2. Discover how to replicate the model used to develop and deploy the Resourcefulness mobile app.
  3. Learn how the Resourcefulness app is being used in classrooms around the world, and how you can participate.



Juan Garcia, Pres, Disco Learning Media

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