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SXSW 2017

We Are Pop Culture

The new breed of pop culture is made by the crowd for the crowd. It has new formats only possible within the logic of social platforms and reinvented old ones. Your shared content on timelines became the soap opera of the 21st century, our never ending discussions are now the new debates, the posts shared by brands’ social profiles are the new ads. We became teachers sharing knowledge and mini-celebrities looking for validation. For almost two years, the Brazilian podcast Zing! analysed this reinvention of pop culture as a global phenomena and went after creators that will be in a book and a documentary. Some of this never seen material will be shown in the panel.

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  1. What are the new emerging formats of content created by the crowd to the crowd?
  2. Who are the creators of these new formats and what motivates them?
  3. What are the possible effects of this revolution in the next generation of content that is able to be monetised?



Alexandre Maron, Digital Innovation Dir, Editora Globo S/A

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