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How Vagina Puppets Ruined My Life

For 48 hours, a fan video for the Miami band Jacuzzi Boys took the internet by storm. The video featuring singing vaginas, used as puppets and dressed like various pop icons, amassed almost 700,000 views on YouTube while evading censors, inspiring passionate debate, love or outrage. The girls, dubbed "the Jacuzzi Gals" who created it were asked to do interviews, receiving tons of attention on their blogs/social media. Then suddenly the video disappeared. What happened to the Jacuzzi Gals?

This is the story of how the video and the gals were all created by filmmakers Jillian Mayer and Lucas Leyva, and the nasty battle between them and the band's "indie" record label, how they found themselves receiving strong letters from Warner Bros. lawyers. Issues of intellectual property, fair use, parody/satire, the myth of indie, corporate control of culture, performance art, digital identity, and the future of digital video will all be explored through the scope of musical labial puppetry.

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Lucas Leyva, Minister of the Interior, Borscht Corporation

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