SXSW 2017

The Fight for Fit in Retail


In this session, four female thought leaders will discuss how the concept of “fit” has evolved from the early days of ready-to-wear clothing to custom clothes-on-demand. From clothing to cosmetics, we'll explore how retailers need to keep up with changing styles, sizes and gender identities, the changing role of sales associates and how technology (magic mirrors, virtual reality, mobile apps, body imaging) is changing the way shoppers find the perfect fit - forever! 

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  1. Why is it so hard for shoppers to find the right fit, both online and in-store?
  2. How does the concept of fit factor into retailers' success and survival?
  3. What can retailers do, with regards to fit, to reduce returns, increase customer loyalty and meet the needs of changing consumer demands?



Catherine Seeds, VP, Ketner Group

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