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SXSW 2017

The Creation of a Hacker

Younger, less technical individuals are the new face of cyber crime. Through a live demonstration, this session will dive into the relatively unexplored world of gaming and showcase the growing role it is playing in luring younger individuals to get involved in cyber crime as a service. The session will explore the emerging business models within the dark web and the consequences for the misrepresentation of hackers in mainstream media. Recent case studies will shine light on the evolving cyber criminal identity and participants will walk away from the session with new, critical insights to mitigate risk at the individual and organizational levels.

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  1. How can an individual be lured into the world of cyber crime, and why are we seeing younger hackers than ever before?
  2. How do cyber criminals collaborate and exchange ideas across the dark web? What personas are at play, and how is social media aiding in anonymity?
  3. How can I safeguard my personal information to prevent my identity from being compromised and my information from being traded over the dark web?



Ariel Miller, Account Mgr, INK PR

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