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The Secret Life of Today’s Shopper

It’s no secret that the mobile phone is the shopper’s new best friend, influencing shopping inside and outside the store. From scoping out the best deals on the hottest products to tracking retailers’ actual in store inventories, the mobile phone is giving shoppers even more access to the brands and products they love. And it’s only the beginning.
Experts believe that mobile’s influence on shopping will only continue to grow as more consumers buy smartphones and more retailers adapt mobile strategies. Mobile is now influencing shopping inside and outside the store and opening up scenarios that never before existed. During this discussion eBay executives and retail partners will share its insights on the secret habits and wants of consumers in today’s new retail environment, and how that’s informing this generation of shoppers – all armed with their mobile phones.

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  1. What insights has eBay gleaned on how consumers are using their mobile devices?
  2. How are mobile devices driving in-store purchases?
  3. In turn, how is the in-store experience shifting to remain relevant through mobile integration?
  4. How are advancements in technology affecting how consumers today engage with merchandise via mobile?
  5. What is on the horizon for m-commerce?



Angie Ayala-Oksanen, Vice President, Edelman

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