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SXSW 2017

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

"It’s not you, it’s me”- All relationships eventually run their course. Sometimes users need to be banned. Sometime users need their space.

Banning a user from an application via “soft block” (disabling a user’s account without communicating anything back to the user) has resulted in angry users physically walking into company headquarters. A pregnancy application that continues to send updates about baby’s progress after a complication will result in a horrible experience. When it’s time to sever the relationship with the user, for whatever the reason, there in lies the high art of empathy.

How you approach the end of the relationship with your users matters.

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  1. What kind of situations warrant sunsetting a user in a special or unique way?
  2. What kind of context can be derived from the user's account and used to deliver the best off-boarding experience?
  3. What is it that users ultimately want from a provider when terminating the relationship?



Thomas Columbus, Sr UX Designer, Blink UX

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