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SXSW Interactive 2013

Adapt or Die – Jane Pratt’s Publishing Evolution

In what can be considered a constantly evolving media landscape, many longtime glossies have had to alter their approaches toward both content and audience. Today, smaller yet highly influential publications are feeding off of their talent. Publishing has entered the digital frontier and we can’t stop it. For a generation, Jane Pratt, founder of Jane and Sassy Magazines, has been chronicling everything and anything women care about. Having led two successful print magazines with powerful points of view and rabid fan bases, she's navigated away from print and emerged as a digital media trailblazer at xoJane.com, innovating the next generation digital magazine. Jane will discuss her transition from print to digital must-reads, how the media landscape is evolving and why a powerful narrative will always win.

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  1. What are the lessons you have learned in the transition from print to digital and how have you grown such an opinionated community in a short time?
  2. xoJane has had its fair share of controversial stories - what makes a successful digital content experience?
  3. For you personally, what were the biggest challenges that were overcome reaching such a prominent position in the industry?
  4. Why do more traditional magazines need to adapt to digital media tactics?
  5. How do you see publishing evolving into the digital age and who is best positioned for success?


  • Jane Pratt, Editor in Chief, xoJane


Amy Widdowson, Marketing Manager, SAY Media

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