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Color Me STEAMED: Engaging Girls in STEM Education

Once upon a time…there was a planet, called Planet STEM. On this planet were girls who loved STEM careers – and they learned how to save themselves from a force so dark and evil, the only word for it was: ignorance. Learn in this interactive, 'colorful' session why it is critical to engage the next generation of STEAMED professionals (STEM + art, design and entrepreneurship). Several examples of methods for STEM engagement will be included in this session, including a children’s book series to encourage girls and boys to engage in STEM, other STEM educational resources, and a successful crowdfunding campaign to bring this children’s books series to life.

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  1. Why is it critical to engage more girls in STEAMED careers?
  2. How might we introduce more girls (and boys) in STEAMED careers earlier?
  3. What resource(s) are available to engage children earlier in STEAMED education?



Erin Albert, Entrepreneur/Writer/Pharmacist/STEM Cheerleader, Pharm LLC

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