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Prototype or Die

Why doesn’t your product look and work right?
Early designs painted an interface paradise filled with exotic features, but something went terribly awry and nothing quite works the way you thought it would. People can’t find even your most basic controls.
Prototyping to the rescue! Product Managers get to dream big, and see their ideas brought to life. Usability study participants can share natural reactions without suspending disbelief. Engineers can experiment with a working example, and recreate the smallest detail in production code.
In this talk, we’ll cover: which types of projects benefit from prototyping; how to choose the right fidelity (from paper, to interactive, to functional); mobile prototyping; fringe benefits of prototyping (like stakeholder buy-in); when not to prototype; and how designers, prototypers, and researchers can work together effectively.




Vance Vagell, Senior UX Prototyper, Google, Inc.

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