SXSW 2017

Creative Teamwork for Mission-Driven Design


Cause-based and academic organizations often partner with technical and creative firms to maximize their impact, tell better stories, and produce engaging digital products. But, how do these cross-sector relationships work?

The technical team at Citizen Code, the creative team at Radish Lab, and the nonprofit Coastal Seabird Project will discuss the challenges of working together on complex, high-cost web products. You’ll learn how mission-driven organizations and fast-paced technology companies navigate funding and grant cycle challenges and differences in workflow to collectively reduce costs on complex design and development projects.

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  1. How do cross-sector partnerships work between nonprofits, academics, technologists, and creatives?
  2. What are the common challenges that these relationships often face, and how can teams better navigate them?
  3. How does this kind of teamwork create stronger end-products and how do we promote these partnerships?



Michelle Morico, Communications Dir, Radish Lab

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