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You Suck, Cleantech: How Design Can Help

Let's face it: can you name a single "sexy" cleantech company? One with incredible product design, a red-hot brand, and an 'ahhh it's amazing' user experience? You'd be hard pressed to find the 'Apple' of cleantech. Instead, we find companies with names like "EnerForm", logos that look like hexagons on steroids, and products that might interest an extra-terrestrial antique collector but certainly not a 21st century human. What's the solution? D-E-S-I-G-N. Intelligent, intentional, beautiful, dynamic design. David Merkoski, the former Executive Creative Director of frogDesign and current Chief Designer at Greenstart, has a plan to "bring sexy back" to cleantech and to use design to tackle the energy challenge. Join him for a look at the terrors of the current cleantech design track record, and be dazzled by his vision of the future where these products and solutions can be made sexy and powerful.




Nicole Rappin, Marketing & Communications Associate, Greenstart

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