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SXSW 2017

The Maker Movement & Humanistic Product Design

The maker movement has infiltrated businesses and prompted new approaches to technology design. With an eye for human tendencies, makers focus not only on design, but also on the human experience critical for any product. Dale Dougherty and Jeremy Ashley will discuss how businesses of all types can benefit from taking a maker-inspired approach to research and product design. By marrying the creative and diverse thinking of the maker culture with the resources of a corporation, businesses can best seize new opportunities, infusing innovation into design processes to create beautiful, simple and utterly human solutions that bridge the gap often apparent between engineers and users.

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  1. From ideation to development, a human approach is critical to design. How is this achieved, and what can businesses learn from makers’ approaches?
  2. How can corporations embrace the values of the maker movement to enhance technology design, diverse thinking and innovation?
  3. The most well-designed, intuitive products are the result of tireless experimentation and research. How can teams stay focused on design process?



Jeremy Ashley, Group VP Oracle Applications User Experience, Oracle

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