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SXSW 2017

It’s Not Facebook Live, It’s TV

With the advent of Facebook Live, content owners now have the technology and means to make professional content and see it distributed on a worldwide scale across a platform boasting a user base of billions of people. In this new era that transcends television, what does it mean for how content is made, distributed, interacted with, and lastly, monetized?

We'll discuss the ways that brands, content owners, and audiences alike can benefit from new engagement technologies - the same ones used by "The Voice," "Dancing With the Stars," CNN, the NBA, and more to leverage an ecosystem that will soon no longer be known merely as social media content and digital video – it will just be TV.

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  1. How is Facebook Live changing the face of content ownership and distribution?
  2. How can brands, content owners and advertisers best use Facebook Live for maximum impact and reach?
  3. What's the most cost-effective way to use Facebook Live, and are there any monetization strategies showing promise?



Brad Stapleton, Publicist, Beck Media & Marketing

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