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SXSW 2017

Follow the Minerals: Conflict Minerals in Tech

xIn the last few years, tech companies have grappled with the fact that many of their most popular products are powered by components that are derived mainly in the Democratic Republic of Congo, funding a vicious civil war. The use of these “conflict minerals” has raised many questions about corporate responsibility and required companies to do an internal gut check to decide how to address the issue. What’s more, recent federal legislation mandates certain disclosures on the use of conflict minerals in products or in materials used in manufacturing processes. How has the tech world responded to calls to create conflict-free products and what impact has it had?

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  1. xHow are conflict minerals used to fund the civil war in the DRC and how has that perpetuated the ongoing conflict?
  2. xHow can a company create a supply chain that removes the use of any conflict minerals? Is this realistic for all tech companies?
  3. xWhat are the success stories? Can they be replicated and possibly put an end to a civil war?



Kevin Casey, Legislative Mgr, TwinLogic Strategies

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