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SXSW 2017

FinTech, Public Policy and a Consumer Driven World

FinTech is transforming the financial services industry as small companies become household names. Wall Street Institutions need to be nimble in order to succeed, looking for the right investment partnerships with the next new technology. Is the regulatory landscape for the big enabling the small? Government needs to promote this rapid pace of innovation. Luckily some of the best minds in the industry are working on transforming the industry, thinking about “fintegration”. This panel features Congressman Patrick McHenry, a member of the Financial Service Committee, Heather Cox with CitiGroup and Tom Gannon with MasterCard to discuss.

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  1. What are the potential public policy hurdles to the FinTech revolution and what can Congress do to overcome them?
  2. How can the our policymakers and FinTech industry facilitate responsible innovation by institutions of all sizes?
  3. What still needs to be done to truly make banking and payments easier for small businesses?



Kevin Casey, Legislative Mgr, TwinLogic Strategies

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