SXSW Music 2013

Apps & Ideas: Create and Promote Music on an iPad

The iPad is a powerful tool in the hands of a musician. In addition to Apple's Garageband and iMovie, new recording and video editing apps such as Auria and Avid Studio give artists a portable palate to explore their creativity. Along with a calendar and address book, a musician can manage their career completely from the iPad.

This panel will explore how to use the iPad throughout the cycle of creating and recording music, developing videos and promotional materials, and communicating with press and venues. While there will be some technical discussions, our panelists will share tips and thoughts that will inspire those working in all aspects of the music industry.

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  1. While there are always external add-ons such as headphones, microphones and instruments, can an artist exist entirely with an iPad?
  2. What new aspects, either on the creative side or the business end, does the iPad bring to the music industry that weren't there before?
  3. With most people listening to music on portable devices, streaming from the web and on small ear buds, are music and videos created on an iPad acceptable for consumers?
  4. What are the biggest limitations when creating or working with the iPad?
  5. Social networking is a big part of promoting music. How has the iPad impacted your connection with fans, press and venues?



Steven Beck, owner, The Noise Room

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