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SXSWedu 2017

Ecology as a Model for Teaching

Grounded in a pedagogy of interdependence, collaboration, and co-evolution, this talk will outline essential methods and tools necessary to integrate ecological systems thinking into curricular and instructional design. Building curricula based on ecological models helps to focus on organic, open, and engaged learning experiences that coalesce around learning outcomes, around ‘real-world’ ecological challenges, and around learner-centered approaches — where the boundaries between student, teacher, and the world all blur and begin to evolve into a new paradigm of an intentionally engaged ecology.

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  1. Participants will discover how ecological thinking can provide a model for a more intentional, resilient, and engaging learning environment.
  2. Teachers and administrators will learn how to integrate ecological and systems thinking into new and existing courses, units, and curriculum design.
  3. Attendees will take away the tools they need to reground their instructional design in organic, collaborative, and intentional ways.



Pavel Cenkl, Assoc Dean of Academics & Faculty in Environmental Humanities, Sterling College

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