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SXSW 2017

15,000-Year-Old Marketing Strategy: Why It Works

The advent of mass media silenced a 15,000-year-old marketing strategy when technology became the driving factor of marketing. It survived near extinction through literature, oral histories, and entertainment.

Storytelling is thousands of years old, and is the most comprehensive form of engagement that cultivates relationships, encourages behavior and incites action – which is the very purpose of marketing.

This session explores the neuroscience of storytelling; how it maintains the entertainment industry. And, why brands must develop a compelling narrative in order to encourage brand loyalty, secure revenues, and establish a competitive advantage in their industry.

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  1. Why should storytelling be at the center of my marketing strategy?
  2. How can I apply core principles from neuroscience and psychology to increase the effectiveness of my marketing and storytelling abilities?
  3. What can the entertainment industry teach brands about effective ways to improve their customer experience?



Don Osmond, Managing Partner, OzComm Marketing

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