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SXSW Music 2013

Musical Identity:What music taste says about you

Music is probably the most social form of entertainment consumption. We all know how important music taste is in communicating own identity, forming social connections and ultimately telling others what we're about.

In the era of "big data," nearly every music application (and many non-music apps) are helping fans better express their musical identity, share music tastes to create social connections and to help applications we love more deeply understand who we are.

This talk will explain the explosion in innovation around understanding musical identity
- how apps help you share your musical identity
- how apps apply that understanding to enable better experiences
- even how musical identity can predict things about you -- from your gender to your politics.

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  1. How are applications enabling people to share their musical preference and identity today?
  2. How online music services and other apps (social discovery, dating and others) are applying an understanding of music your music taste to create smarter, more intuitive online experiences.
  3. What else does your music taste tell us about you? Can it predict your age, your gender, your politics?
  4. How will music preference play a role in overall social interactions online?
  5. What are the other implications here -- privacy, ownership of preference data.



Jim Lucchese, CEO, The Echo Nest

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