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SXSW Eco 2016

Package Free: Future or Fad?

"Package free" grocery stores are on the cutting edge of food innovation, yet it's unclear if today's consumer culture(s) and food system(s) can support their success. By bringing together industry leaders from around the world - those who've been on the ground testing the idea of package free grocery stores over the last decade - we can begin to establish what is (and isn't) possible. While "zero waste" has an internationally accepted definition, package free remains an illusive concept lacking clear definition or agreement. We will also explore the differences in European and American food and consumer cultures and how the local food movement intersects with the package free trend.

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  1. Define "package free" and how it may or may not differ from "zero waste." Establish some baseline standards and metrics for package free models.
  2. Identify cultural, economic, logistical, and technological challenges to package free food retail and discuss the relation to the local food movement.
  3. Discuss the distinct roles and challenges of the full spectrum of the production chain from producer to distributor to retailer to consumer.
  4. Share success stories from experts from all over the world who are currently "in the trenches" of the package free grocery movement.



Josh Blaine, Store Manager, in.gredients

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