SXSW Interactive 2013

Exit Fragmentation, Here Comes The New Social

I propose to explore the various ways that social media users are currently using information and to analyze how the content they share is being used / understood and perceived by their audience/followers.
Stemming from that, how brands as social media users can leverage the power of their community in new ways via collaborative social.
The room will be invited to testify on their own experience live.
Then I will go on to suggest different approaches to add value to their multiple channel strategies. Show them what works, what doesn't, based on a study conducted in 2012-2013 and revealed just in January 2013.
The point will be to have people participate and share how they see the future of sharing as well as giving them the opportunity to understand how they can organize their /personal/ social brand and story.

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  1. How the use of social media by consumers has evolved over the past 5 years and how the perception by both the users and brands has changed.
  2. How check-ins, pictures, posts etc and all self-generated social noise can be turned into parts of a whole readable, palatable and understandable story people can relate to.
  3. How can brands (companies and celebrities) find news ways of building a new message and story based on the now "old" social media.
  4. What are the most innovative ways of using social media for your brand (corporate or personal)? What role will video play in it?
  5. What is collaborative social media? Why? How? And for whom?



Frederic Montagnon, COO, Overblog

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  • Event: Interactive
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