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SXSW Interactive 2013

Don’t AdverTaze Me Bro: Geofences or Shock Collars

The traditional tonnage approach to advertising won’t work with the world’s 1 billion smartphone users. Consumers can’t keep their hands off their mobile devices because they offer the most personalized, customized and optimized experience they’ve ever known. Likewise, marketers have more power than ever before, with more customer insight and the ability to reach people at anytime, anyplace. In addition to knowing where consumers are right now, they can know where they’ve been, even the direction and speed at which they are traveling. The challenge we face as an industry is to use this power to connect with our customers. We haven’t yet met customer expectations for truly relevant, real-time and effective experiences with the devices they are most intimate with morning, noon and night. In this session we share insights on how marketers need to change their brains when it comes to campaigns so that this power is wielded in the right way in order to build loyalty, not annoyance.

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  1. What are the best practices to ensure you don’t advertaze your customers?
  2. How does mobile fit in with the rest of the traditional and digital channels?
  3. With mobile becoming the new face of brand engagement, what are the practical limitations?
  4. How do you use location to your benefit and not your detriment?
  5. With the ability to talk with your customers 24 X 7 X 365, how do you figure out the most effective time to interact with them?



Corey Gault, Director of Communications, Urban Airship

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