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Gotham is the Best Place for Women in Startups

New York was not traditionally a start-up hub other than for certain media companies, but there has been a recent explosion of venture-backed start-ups in New York, many of them led by women. What is it about New York that makes it conducive to starting and growing a business, and how can entrepreneurs of all types take advantage of the New York energy? Why do there appear to be more women leading startups in New York, and how can we continue that trend?

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  1. What are the traditional barriers to entry for tech start-ups, and how can you get around those in New York?
  2. Why is New York such a great place for a woman to start and build a company?
  3. How can I find good engineers in New York? I thought they were all in Silicon Valley?
  4. Won't my investors just make me move to Silicon Valley anyway? Why should I waste my time meeting people in New York?
  5. Why is a Boston guy leading a discussion about women in New York? Can't he get a date any other way?



Christopher Austin, Partner, Goodwin Procter

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