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SXSW Music 2013

Get The Best Buck For Your Bang-Maximizing Revenue

In an ever changing music business, how does an artist, label, songwriter or publisher stay afloat financially, or better yet, make a profit? What are the new digital tools and services that really make you money? How do you know if someone’s ripping you off and how do you go after them cheaply? What can the touring musician do to increase royalties while on the road? How can creators and copyright owners use data to generate revenue? Join our panelists who will provide their cutting-edge expertise in data tracking and online monitoring tools, increasing licensing revenues, digital performance royalties, branding, video monetization and other new revenue generating avenues. Bring some more bucks to your bang and keep your careers and businesses going!

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  1. What are latest tools and services that successful artists, composers, labels and publishers (and those that represent them) are using to keep their "business and legal housekeeping" in order and to generate more revenue? What are the success stories and how much did they make?
  2. What can the touring musician do to generate increased performance royalties while on the road?
  3. What is the difference between the different licensing streams of revenue and which ones are turning out to be the most lucrative? How do you know if someone is committing copyright infringement on your music and what can you do about it without breaking the bank?
  4. What is SoundExchange, how is it different from ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, and what is the best way to get more digital performance royalties? How do you get more plays by digital streaming services such as Pandora?
  5. Why is accurate metadata so important and what does it really mean for creators and copyright owners?



Neeta Ragoowansi, Vice President, Business Development and Legal Affairs, TuneSat

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