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SXSW Interactive 2013

Making it to Mars

We, humans, will go to Mars. Depending on who you ask, it may be in 20 years, or 200. The Mars shot of tomorrow will not look like the Moon shot of yesterday. The future necessitates a much tighter balance of human-centered design, technological prowess, and social responsibility.
With the panelists, we invite you to explore this living network, engage in an ongoing discussion of design in space, hone your conceptual skills, and create a collective vision of our future in space.

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  1. What technological challenges stand in the way of humans sustaining life on Mars?
  2. We know the Mars endeavor will attract the best and brightest engineers, but who will carry the flag for design and social impact?
  3. How far are we from life on Mars?
  4. How can mistakes inform the choices we make in the future?
  5. Why direct resources towards Mars, rather than to sustainability projects on Earth that may have more certainty?


  • Katherine Jeremko, Designer, NASA


Katherine Jeremko, Designer, NASA

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