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SXSW Interactive 2016

Girls & Science: From Barbies to Binary Stars

How do we get more women in STEM? It's time to stop talking about barriers and bros, and focus on successes: how to spark interest early and encourage girls to pursue passions. At age 6, Dr. Amy Mainzer had a thirst for exploring subjects that excited her. She developed her fascination with the universe into a career as an astronomer, building telescopes for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. What happened in between? How can we make the path from interest to career achievable for the next generation? Sara DeWitt, PBS KIDS Digital, and Mainzer are collecting stories from women in the sciences. Join us for a conversation about ways we can inspire girls to find their own paths into STEM fields.

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  1. How can we best motivate young girls with a variety of interests to further develop their curiosity in STEM fields?
  2. What role can digital media play in fostering girls’ budding interest in the sciences? How can it detract or stifle that interest?
  3. How far can role modeling and mentorship go towards encouraging girls from widely different backgrounds to pursue interests in science?



Chloe Gould, Sr Assoc, PBS KIDS Digital

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