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SXSW Interactive 2013

Innovation Genome Project: Secret Of Innovation

If there’s one word that can make anyone excited these days, it is innovation. From CEOs and journalists to academics and entrepreneurs, everyone is obsessed with being “innovative” and ferreting out innovation where it lies. There are millions of books, podcasts, and articles devoted to the subject. With all the talk of innovation, one would think we’re leading the world in innovation. The fact is, it’s the exact opposite. With this conundrum in mind, Bill O’Connor developed the Innovation Genome Project – dissecting 1,000 of the world’s most important historical innovations to discover best practices and develop tools to help Autodesk employees and customers all over the world become more innovative. In this presentation, Bill O’Connor will identify the seven key questions that any true innovator must ask themselves to be successful, and how to go from an idea to a true innovation.

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  1. What does innovation really mean?
  2. Could my idea be truly innovative?
  3. What characteristics did all of the major innovations in the past century share?
  4. How can I develop my idea beyond a “nice to have” to a true innovation?
  5. What process did other major innovators go through to develop products and services that changed the world?


  • Bill O'Connor, Corporate Strategy, Speechwriter, Autodesk


Sarah Sullivan, Assistant Account Executive, The OutCast Agency

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