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How to Sell Shit That Doesn't Yet Exist

Many start-up companies find themselves in a similar boat of having a breakthrough product (or a great idea in development) and having to sell something that doesn't exist or overcome having no existing customers. The major challenge for the entire organization (founders to administrative staff) is developing a sales strategy that effectively sells when the product or service doesn't yet exist. This is sure to be a lively discussion around challenges associated with closing the early adopter customers, convincing potential customers of the value of your breakthrough solution, how to sell if you're not a sales person and more. We welcome CEO's, founders, technologists as well as sales and business development professionals to contribute to this open forum meet-up.

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  1. How do you create a compelling offering and encourage early adopters to take risks on a company (and/or product/service) that has not yet been proven in the marketplace?
  2. How do you get prospects interested in a breakthrough technology?
  3. What hasn't worked? Let's have an honest discussion around early failures and learnings that have shaped your company's sales efforts. Also, what HAS worked and why?
  4. What are some unique challenges for selling if you're a boot strapped company vs VC funded?
  5. How do you maneuver this sales landscape if you've had no direct sales experience?



Melissa Young, VP, Business Development, FeedMagnet

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