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SXSW Interactive 2016

Algorithms Don’t Feel, People Do

We have the data! We know what you like, dislike, share and comment on. So the ads you get served must be dead on right? Wrong. What we’ve seen called “Data Driven Advertising” up till now isn’t moving anybody. Why? What does good data driven messaging look like? Is it just about dynamically generated headlines and offers that go right by us? In this session, DD separates the fact from the fiction. First, we’ll review dynamically generated advertising from around the world driven by algorithms and business rules that brands are spending millions on, but missing. We’ll demonstrate what good really looks like through live experiences for NIKE, Pedigree, Ferrari, and others.

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  1. How should data actually be used to generate content?
  2. What are the wrong ways to use data in content generation?
  3. What are some examples of good uses of data in generating 1:1 content?


  • Alan Schulman, National Director, Creative Experience & Content Marketing, Deloitte Digital


Hannah Rand, Account Exec, Allison+Partners

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