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SXSW Interactive 2016

VR in Sports: How Soon, How Real, How Big?

In the last year, interest in sports-focused virtual reality has risen to new heights. Analysts estimate VR revenue to grow from single digit millions in 2016 to billions in 2020 - making it a new frontier many hope to explore. But how soon and how big do sports industry insiders believe the VR opportunity to be? What challenges stand in the way? How does the business opportunity come together when rights owners, clubs, leagues, broadcasters and technology companies all need to agree on a deal? This panel will explore the reality of VR in the sports industry and what challenges each player in the ecosystem faces.

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  1. Which virtual reality sports experiences will be the most compelling?
  2. What are some unique technology and business challenges associated with creating and distributing sports content in VR?
  3. Who should own the content (leagues/clubs/teams, broadcasters, startups/technology providers or consumers) and what are some emerging business models?



Kelly Morales, Operations Mgr, Comcast Ventures

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