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SXSW Interactive 2016

Understanding Supporter Culture in MLS

All sports teams have passionate fans. Soccer supporters are different. They’re organized. They're next level.

Going to hangars to create tifo displays. Fundraising for a fellow member who is down on his/her luck. You’ll hear about relationships and community. You hear the word family. A home away from home.

You have the color, the singing, the road trips, the drums, the electricity, the fervor, the march to the match. You see chanting and moving in unison, trying to will their club to victory, but what goes on behind the scenes? Understand what goes into a supporter group. You’ll hear from the leaders themselves.

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  1. What is the makeup of a supporter group in MLS?
  2. How important has the in-stadium fan experience and the electric environment become to the sport? Is it soccer’s competitive advantage?
  3. How has technology, innovation and social media impacted the supporter group?



Sean Dennison, Sr Dir Corporate Communications, Major League Soccer

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