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SXSW Interactive 2016

U Can't Always Post What U Want: Social Media Law

Our panel will discuss the latest in ad law, dish the dirt on our practices, and collaborate on new issues in new tech and social media. Specifically, we’ll address the following topics: social media advertising is at an uptick, and brands are developing more unique methods to market in creative ways, but are then faced with increasing scrutiny for their advertising practices on social media. In addition, we’ll discuss the best new platforms and tech products at SXSW '16 and the legal considerations in utilizing the technology. We’ll also tackle the question of why brands continue to exploit celebrities’ names and likenesses for commercial purposes without permission.

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  1. What challenges are your brand clients facing when advertising on social media given the need to develop creative ways market their products?
  2. Many brands are hopping on the live streaming Meerkat and Periscope bandwagons. What are the legal issues that this new technology brings?
  3. Given the recent explosion of celebrity lawsuits, the question remains why brands continue to exploit celebrities in advertising without permission.



Andrew Udin, Sr Counsel, Publicis

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