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Creating and delivering what teachers really want


You’ve got the best idea for an education product. Ever. It’s innovative! It’s disruptive! It's Common Core-aligned! But is it solving the real-world problems of teachers and learners? AAP PreK-12 Learning Group members have been developing successful, high-quality educational resources for decades. We've assembled a dream team, led by moderator Michael Jay, to help you think through product development, marketing, and procurement. You'll leave with expert tips for building vibrant and effective learning tools; a firmer grasp on reaching your target audience(s) with just the right message; and exclusive insights into the complicated—and evolving—world of buying cycles, adoption, RFPs, etc.

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  1. Learn what disruptions are at play (or should be) in the product development process to ensure successful learning tools reach today's classrooms.
  2. Marketing is not a dirty word. Learn to embrace and implement strategies for cutting through the marketing noise with messages that resonate.
  3. Learn how to navigate the current procurement landscape as well as potential changes on the horizon.



Dave Gladney, Dir of Digital Initiatives, AAP PreK-12 Learning Group

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