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SXSWedu 2016

Why Startups Should Hire My High School Students

Can your students sell a closet organizing app, make a steampunk violin, or design a high school of the future?

The first teachers to be named Allen Distinguished Educators (ADE) focus on developing students with a passion for becoming designers, builders and entrepreneurs. Through innovative teaching methods, new education technologies and hands-on projects, these teachers are bringing students to engineering and entrepreneurship – subjects that reflect the interests of the creator of the ADE program, philanthropist and entrepreneur Paul G. Allen.

The ADEs will discuss their methods for student interaction, teacher collaboration, how to overcome obstacles, and best practices.

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  1. Methods for bringing engineering and entrepreneurship into the classroom
  2. Best practices in project-based learning
  3. Examples of teacher-led classroom innovation


  • Dave Ferrero, Senior Program Officer, Education, Vulcan, Inc., A Paul G. Allen Company
  • Regan Drew, Educator, Riverpoint Academy
  • Michael Wierusz, Educator, Northshore School District
  • Scott Swaaley, Educator, High Tech High


Dave Ferrero, Sr Program Officer Education, The Paul G Allen Family Foundation

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