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SXSW Interactive 2016

Digital Health and Outcomes: Where's the Evidence?

Despite thousands of apps and devices emerging in the digital health universe, the sad fact is that most have no demonstrable outcomes—they don't clearly improve anyone's health, and they haven't proved they can reduce costs—ultimately leading to a lack of viability. It's time for the sector to mature and start demonstrating its value. This panel, moderated by BuzzFeed's Stephanie Lee, will explore how digital health companies can use clinical evidence to succeed through the lens of a company that has commercialized its outcomes (Omada Health), a company that validates emerging products (Evidation Health), and an investor that evaluates hundreds of companies each year (Rock Health).

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  1. How should digital health startups measure their outcomes and what are the major challenges in developing evidence?
  2. Who are the customers of outcomes in the healthcare industry and how can digital health companies succeed commercially by selling to them?
  3. What outcomes metrics, including health improvement and cost savings, are investors looking for in emerging digital health companies?



Malay Gandhi, Managing Dir, Rock Health

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