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SXSWedu 2016

Creating the World’s First Early Childhood Fab Lab

Fab Labs are maker spaces that use digital design and fabrication (e.g. laser cutters and 3D printers) to build STEM skills and creativity. In winter 2016, The Bay Area Discovery Museum, in partnership with TIES and FableVision, launches the world’s first Fab Lab for young learners (ages 3-10) to help them navigate the design process from concept to production, and turn their ideas into reality. This session addresses the design principles of these spaces, lessons learned from this first prototype, and curricula suggestions aligned to NGSS and CCSS. Panelists will reflect on their experience in bringing such edtech maker spaces to our youngest learners in developmentally appropriate ways.

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  1. Understand the power and possibility of using technology with very young children in developmentally appropriate ways.
  2. Learn from the nation’s first ECE Fab Lab prototype to consider how you can bring design and fabrication into your school, program, or classroom.
  3. Understand how math, computer science, and engineering practices can be meaningfully taught in Fab Labs with very young children.



Babe Liberman, Partnerships Coord, Center for Childhood Creativity

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  • Tags: fablab, edtech, children
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Learning Spaces
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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