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Astrobiologists eMentoring at risk youth in STEM

Astrobiology is a unique medium to encourage STEM interests in k-12 youth as the field encompasses nearly every scientific discipline, while also drawing from anthropology, theology and philosophy. Students inevitably find a niche which suits or peaks their interests. A group of early career scientists dedicated to public engagement combined with their passion for astrobiology to create an online social network for science communication with an eMentoring platform for k-12 STEM education especially targeting underserved youth.. The mentoring relationship can extend from an individual student, to educators, classrooms and even family based mentoring where parents participate from their home.

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  1. Educate k-12 students, teachers, administrators and families to about the resources available by real scientists to be STEM eMentors for learners.
  2. Demonstrate and encourage higher ed admins and professors that E/PO (education and public outreach) is a healthy part of a graduate student career.
  3. Public engagement by scientists is a core component in educating the public and policy makers to foster support for future "moonshots" & discoveries.



Dr. Grasshopper Heshan Illangkoon PhD, Scientist & Social Entrepreneur, Blue Marble Space Institute of Science

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