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SXSW Interactive 2013

Power of the Populous

Power of the Populous -- A look into the unique and extraordinary power of community and its ability to: spread ideas, build art, rally behind individuals in need, create memes and support cultural ideals.

Community. It’s a word we all use, but do we actually understand it and the tremendous potential within its structure? From large-scale art creation to the Maker movement, political campaigns to cultural memes, crowd-sourced funding to crowd-sourced altruism -- the tie that binds is shared experience. Often, the foundation of motivation and success in these endeavors is community - the power of people. It’s the mindset of this movement that is its meat - the willingness to teach and to learn and pass it on. Learn from a panel of innovative makers, social sculptors and cultural instigators on how they harness and energize the “Power of the Populous” to do amazing things.

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  1. What are successful examples of community engagement?
  2. What are successful tools for utilizing community as a resource?
  3. What resources/news/media does a cultural instigator need to pay attention to?
  4. How do you measure the “power of the populous”?
  5. How do you authentically harness the power of community in your work - turning ideas into action?



Jess Hobbs, Director, Flux Foundation

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