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SXSW Interactive 2016

Rise of the Social Employee: Rewards and Risks

With and often without your approval or knowledge, employees are talking about your company on social media with friends, in public, for all your customers to see. Employee social engagement can be wonderful brand ambassadorship, providing others a genuine glimpse into your company’s mission and influence. But disgruntled or careless employees also can share damaging information that can profoundly impact your brand. Join Clara Shih, Hearsay Social CEO/founder and author of the upcoming book, The Social Business Imperative, to learn how to empower social employees to evangelize authentically on your company’s behalf while ensuring they follow guidelines to mitigate brand and company risk.

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  1. How can an organization use social media to mobilize its sales and customer service teams?
  2. Why is recruiting on social media the new imperative?
  3. What legal, governance, and security frameworks should be considered to help avoid brand and company risk?



Gary Liu, VP Mktg, Hearsay Social

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