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SXSW Interactive 2016

Putting the Customer Back in Customer Experience

In 2014 Tyler spoke at SXSW on Privacy, Permission and the Evolution of Big Data on how to balance privacy concerns with the need for data to drive businesses forward.

Yet today marketers face a new line to walk – that between providing a personalized customer experience and drowning in that same essential data. Increasingly the response to more data has been more automation, but without learning “the why” behind information such as transactional data, it’s common to lose the continuity in the customer experience to a mass of data.

Tyler will discuss a roadmap for balancing automation with humanity in a way that preserves and improves the customer experience, keeping them coming back.

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  1. I’m getting told to be “data-driven” at work, but I got into marketing to connect with customers – can I do both?
  2. With all of the data I manage, I barely have time to think about individual customers. Are there ways to automate insight from customers at scale?
  3. Have organizations gone “all in” on data / automation too quickly?



Kate Gundry, Founder, Pluck PR

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