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SXSW Interactive 2016

Multicultural Blogger and Content Creator Meet Up

Multicultural bloggers and content creators connect with specific audiences and potential sponsors and advertisers want to reach those audiences. For example, Hispanic women audiences are in the driver seat when it comes to the $1.2 trillion Latino purchasing power. Guess who's influencing them?

However, these multicultural bloggers and content creators are challenged with the ever-changing social media platforms, moving quickly from written content to visual content to live content. We can only reach our audience where they are reading or watching.

Let's not get left behind when it comes to adaptation. Come to discuss how to grow, integrate and harness your own audiences.

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  1. How do multicultural content creators harness the power of their own influence in the world of technology brands?
  2. If video and livestream killed the blog, what are bloggers to do now? If not, how do bloggers integrate these two for branding?
  3. Mentorship. Is there room for collaboration and/or mentorship in the world of digital influencers?



Melanie Mendez-Gonzales, Owner/Creator, Que Means What Blog

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