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Learning Through Virtual Reality Experiences


This workshop explores the impact of virtual reality on education. Participants experience VR devices to analyze how this immersive Wearable Technology reshapes the teaching-learning environment and institutional culture. New forms of experiential learning will draw upon visually rich virtual and augmented reality experiences. VR is raising fundamental questions about the shape of future media, narrative and storytelling. Technology is rapidly moving from information access to personal experience, where deeply compelling learning environments are immediately available before our eyes, requiring profound innovation in pedagogy, learning space design and institutional culture.

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  1. Understand the rapid developments in Virtual Reality and Wearable Technology and the impact on Education
  2. How Virtual Reality devices will disrupt cultural and educational spaces and challenge our understanding of privacy and data analytics
  3. Explore how virtual, visual, and sensory experiences can transform learning and inspire new modes of creative expression and visual literacy


  • Emory Craig, Director of eLearning, The College of New Rochelle
  • Maya Georgieva, Associate Director, New York University


Emory Craig, Dir of eLearning, College of New Rochelle

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