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SXSW Interactive 2016

Do Not Pass Go - Go Directly to VR Jail

We'll talk about the current state of the Virtual Reality (VR) industry as it pertains to professional content creation. Many people are creating one-off, short-lived VR experiences that are used mostly as a fun gimmick, while we believe that one of the future applications of VR will be to provide immersive experiences for meaningful content (such as television shows) to generate a long-form, "just there" experience that is impossible to manufacture with traditional television programming today. We'll cite our production of VR experiences for "Lockup" - a long-form immersive journey through the California state prison system - as an example of what virtual reality is capable of.

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  1. How to create realistic VR experiences for long-form content.
  2. What are the "do's" and "dont's" of VR content creation?
  3. What's the best types of software/tech for stitching and VR content creation?


  • Mike Drachkovitch, CEO, Founder, Ovrture


Brad Stapleton, Acct Exec, Beck Media & Marketing

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