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The "Dark Sci:" or Inclusive STEM and journalism


Getting beyond the idea that science is conducted by a white dude in a lab coat, the National Science and Technology News Service is an organization which seeks to get more people involved in telling the science stories that impact us all.

We aim to get more journalists telling stories of how science affects the world and its people, and we aim to get readers, viewers, listeners and students to understand that we are all scientists, and the next great problem to be solved could indeed be solved by someone who thinks she or he doesn't "look like a scientist.

From gaming to grooming, and health care to space exploration, the way we understand our world requires that everyone take part.

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  1. Idenifying how to tell science- rich stories. Twitter is tech. Cooking is chemistry and physics. Parenting is part biology. Reporters should say so!
  2. Seeing Oneself as a Scientist: How to make it obvious to cooks, hairstylists, pet lovers and gamers that they should be covered on science pages.
  3. No Pipeline Problem: Journalists to often don't think to call upon diverse scientists to help tell stories. There are plenty out there to be found!



Jamila Bey, Journalist, Women's Podcasting Network

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