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Big Privacy: Why Privacy & Big Data Must Be Allies


Marketers want to leverage every last bit of consumer and health data that exists no matter where or whom it comes from. Privacy advocates want to keep that same data in the hands of its owners, even if eliminates the data's value to marketers. Government regulators try to balance the concerns of both, leaving no one happy.

This adversarial relationship need not persist. New technologies, notably those related to Dynamic Data Obscurity and dynamic, instead of static, de-identification, actually enhance data privacy and that data's value to marketers -- all at the same time.

The result will be a world where privacy advocates and big data users are close allies, not adversaries.

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  1. Why have privacy advocates and retailers/users/marketers of big data been enemies and what market and regulatory forces impel that to change?
  2. What are the biggest legal and branding risks firms face when consumer data is re-identified, and which de-identification methods can prevent this?
  3. How can marketers understand the meanings of static and dynamic anonymity and prepare for the transition from static to dynamic systems?



Steven Mason, IP & Comms Strategist, The Brand Mason

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