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AI Personification: Bridging the Uncanny Valley

We interact with AI everyday, whether we realize it or not. Even beyond the “smarts” of your smartphone or exciting emerging ecosystems like the Internet of Things, AI performs very specific tasks that make our lives easier. And yet AI is only as valuable as our ability, and willingness, to interact with the technology.

One of the greatest obstacles in Virtual Personal Assistant development is creating compelling experiences that provide users with seamless interactions and understanding. This panel of VPA experts, including designers and developers, looks the current technological challenges of AI personification and designing the VPAs of the future.


  1. What design strategies and techniques are currently most effective in achieving high-fidelity user experience with VPAs?
  2. How will VPAs be integrated into our lives in the future, and how will we use and interact with them?
  3. What are the biggest challenges facing VPA design and development, and how can we improve user experience?



Doug Freeman, PR, Jones-Dilworth Inc

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