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SXSWedu 2016

Making Math Contextual, Visual, and Interconnected

When you ask North Americans whether they understand math, the response more often than not is negative. Ask whether they find math enjoyable and that number is almost certain to decrease. This is a rather deflating fact for those of us entrusted to teach mathematics to students with very similar views at best. Although it might seem as though the deck is stacked against us, we now live in an age where technology makes it possible to teach math with context and visualization. Come experience how to leverage technology to engage and inspire students to not only enjoy mathematics, but understand the beauty of this universal language we share in our classrooms each and every day.

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  1. Redefine mathematics education to promote student engagement, confidence and success in one of the most plagued subject areas in North America.
  2. Promote use of visuals through technology to make mathematics relevant and thought-provoking for students to gain a deeper understanding.
  3. Provide educators with actionable steps to assist in leveraging the natural curiosity that we all have through a task oriented mathematics lesson.



Kyle Pearce, Teacher and Mathematics Instructional Coach, Greater Essex County District School Board

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