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Keeping Your Eye on the Ball: Engaging Today’s Fan


Sports invented the idea of loyalty. Modern sports organizations have engendered the sort of passion and engagement that today’s consumer loyalty programs work hard to achieve.

However, sports organizations today cannot rely on the loyalty that is generated by winning seasons and championship trophies. Information and access to teams and players abounds at an exponential pace. It is increasingly important for organizations to find ways to connect with fans on and off the field, 365 days a year.

This panel will feature a diverse panel of executives and athletes from the US professional leagues and teams to discuss the tactics organizations are taking to keep fans engaged year round.

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  1. How are leagues and teams using technology (mobile, geo-tagging, social media) to engage with fans in new and dynamic ways?
  2. How has the off-season experience changed? What are teams doing to stay connected with fans when the team is off the field?
  3. Millennials are obviously a big part of the base. How are they engaging with teams? How are teams adapting the offering given their preferences?



Pete Giorgio, Principal, Deloitte Consulting

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